Welcome To Thai Adult Baby Nursery

Thai Adult bABy nursery is open

Nanny An would like to extend a warm invitation to visit Thai Adult bABy Nursery for a warm and cuddly nursery experience.

Baby do you yearn to regress back to infancy, have you wished that you had a firm but fair mummy/nanny to look after you and take control of your day to day needs. Are you an Infantilist? If so then you have found the right place.

Nanny An Rayong Aquarium

Nanny took bABy Bunnykins to Rayong Aquarium

Thai Adult bABy Nursery. The first Nursery in Thailand since 2003
I am Nanny An. I have been a Nanny for over 20 years here in Thailand and have looked after babies for foreign families for many years. Now I am a Mummy to an Adult bABy and we run Thai Adult bABy Nursery. Contact Nanny

Baby's Change Table

Change Table

Nanny has a question for you. Are you an adult bABy, a sissy or diaper lover, like playing at being a naughty school boy or girl? Then you are at the right place. We will make your dreams come true.
It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or you have been to a nursery before, we cater to your needs and will listen to your desires before starting your baby treatment, school boy/girl or cross-dressing/TV training.

Nanny Has Your Cot Ready

Here bABy is your cot

Your privacy is assured. We have had many many baby’s come through here and have never exposed them to danger of being discovered. We only take photos when the baby requests it and never without prior permission do we put the photos up on the website.
There are always 2 nanny’s at the nursery when you visit, so you never have to worry about being alone. While one nanny is cleaning the nursery the other will be looking after your needs.

Contact Nanny

Baby's High Chair and Harness

High Chair and harness

We have a blue custom built cot, high chair, playpen and change table all ready for you to use. We have a large nursery cupboard and a smaller one for disposable nappy’s and plastic pants. When you are in the high chair you will be kept firmly in place with the baby harness, nanny doesn’t want you falling out. There are plenty of disposable nappy’s and clothes for you to wear. You can also bring your own clothes.


If you’re looking for a trip to the beach, Dreamworld, Safari Park or just to go shopping, Nanny can take you. We have great river rides and Bangkok is described as the Venice of Asia with many little Klongs (canals) which you can go for a ride on to floating markets. Contact Nanny

Floating Market

Experience the water ways of Bangkok and eat great food

Fish fish fish feed the fish

So many fish to feed

A Nanny For You A Nanny For Me

Nannies Nannies everywhere.
Who will be my beautiful Nanny

Nanny believes in treating baby as a baby but will not tolerate naughty behaviour and will spank your little behind over my knee if you misbehave. Nanny loves to give lots of tender loving care, hugs and kisses and our speciality, baby Thai massage. Contact Nanny

How dare you wet your Nappy. Are you a baby?

Time to be spanked for wetting your nappy

 This is what happens to naughty bABy’s at the nursery. Mummy is firm but fair. If you’re good, Nanny will cuddle you. If you’re naughty Nanny will spank you.

This is what you get when you wet your nappy baby

Naughty Naughty Naughty Baby

To enquirer about visiting Thai Adult bABy Nursery fill out the contact form and send to Nanny. Nanny is waiting to answer all questions and look after baby.

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